Almost four years ago, fate and a few mouse clicks brought Russ Maschmeyer and Jessica Hische together. They went from complete strangers to inseparable companions in work and love. This is how it all began.

She spent her days designing and filled her nights with freelance illustration.

Chris Silas Neal

She worked for Louise Fili from 9-6 and spent 7-2am at her studio in Greenpoint. It was an intense but rewarding work schedule. She was beginning to make a name for herself.

He was a freelance web designer, touring the country with his indie-rock band, trying to hit the big time.

Frank Stockton

They barely had time to eat (let alone date) with their crazy schedules. They both wanted to meet someone special, but couldn’t figure out how to make it happen.

Nicholas Felton

After a few messages, he invited her to see his band perform on the Lower East Side. Sparks flew, but fate was against them—he left the next morning for a month-long tour.

Sam Weber

He sent postcards from the road. She gossiped with her friends about ‘Band Dude’. It was exciting and new, but they also knew it was something special.

More suitors were lining up … but she decided to wait.

Josh Cochran

He felt a bit rusty, but wanted the first real date to impress. After a month of anticipation, it had to be bold. He decided on a reverse date: drinks followed by a dessert bar followed by dinner at a cozy little restaurant.

‘Some other time’ he thought…

Gilbert Ford

Many wonderful dates (and marathon viewing sessions of Battlestar Galactica) followed, but not a single date took them back to that little French restaurant.

In only a few months, they were head over heels for each other.

Jason Kernevich of The Heads of State

She encouraged him to apply to grad school. He encouraged her to captain her own ship. Uncharted waters lay ahead for them both.

Chris Buzelli

With their direction in question, his band called it quits. Though it was hard, he was now free to focus on his studies. At the same time, her Daily Drop Cap project was lighting up the interwebs and bringing in more freelance work.

Grady McFerrin

With the end of the semester, the end of the band, and both of them tired of bike rides home at 2am, Jessica convinced Russ to pack up his bachelor pad and move in.

Alex Eben Meyer

He was offered a summer internship across the country, and they knew it was an offer he couldn’t refuse. But during that long, lonely summer he had an epiphany.

Neil Swaab

He looked high and low for an engagement ring, and finally found exactly what he was looking for.

the ring would have to wait.

Jennifer Daniel

In a few months he had saved enough for the ring. That's when he and a few friends began piecing together grand schemes for the proposal.

His flimsy excuse got her from Brooklyn into Manhattan and an even flimsier one convinced her to follow him north.

Gina Triplett + Matt Curtius

Confused by his reaction to her joke, it took her a second to realize that he wasn’t actually joking. She shouted “Yes!”, jumped into his arms and nearly knocked him off his feet.

James Gulliver Hancock

When they walked through the door of the restaurant, she was stunned and overjoyed to find that he had invited fifteen of their friends to join in the celebration!

Jillian Tamaki

Join them in celebrating the life they’ve built together and all the happiness that awaits.

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